Sunday, May 23, 2010

Baking Sunday

Didn't really baked those today... Baked those last Sunday, froze them, made the frosting Tuesday night and brought them for a bake sale at the office on Wednesday.  Made 24 and they were sold in a manner of minutes.  Guess people love cupcakes!!! :)

Used Martha's devils-food-cupcakes-book with dark-chocolate-frosting from her great book!!  First time trying to pipe frosting - fun fun fun!!


KRISTIE said...

Yummy!!! Yummy!! I saw these on fb! I love to make cupcakes, these look great my dh would eat these up!!

Heidi said...

Oh see now, I almost didn't come over, because I don't like cake.

But cake with oreos? I could be persuaded. ;)