Sunday, May 2, 2010

Baking Sunday

What a wonderful Sunday!  Went for a long walk this morning. Then, went to the gym for a short workout. Had a nice lunch. A short snooze. Then I baked!! :)

Made two recipes - one for my colleagues at the office and one for Ben:

These are for Ben (it's his birthday tomorrow - shhhhhh!) :)


Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!!


Maria said...

I love naps, too! I wish I could indulge more frequently. We had some rain this weekend and I had a little snooze of my own!

Those granola bars look absolutely scrumptious! Ben is one lucky guy!

pat said...

Oh yum! I love seeing what you've baked over the weekend. Both of these look delish! Lucky Ben. I won't tell.... ;-)

Samantha said...

Oh, yum-MEEE!

Nicki, said...

Sounds and looks like a yummy day!

Angela2932 said...

Mmmmmm!!! I bet it just smells heavenly in your kitchen on Sundays. . . Sundays with Celine.

Suzy said...

I heart your baking Sundays! Yummy!