Sunday, April 25, 2010

BBQ and Baking Sunday

 Beautiful weekend - sun was out - warm weather.  Love it!!

Baked these wonderful muffins Chocolate-Chip-Muffins-19379 - they smell heavenly... can't wait to take a bite!! ;)

and yesterday, Ben made these amazing burgers on our dying BBQ (had to go buy a new one today). - If you love feta cheese - you will love these burgers!!! That sauce is soooo good!! mediterranean-burgers-with-feta-cheese-421539

 Bon appétit!! :)


Maria said...

I am suffering here! I went to the grocery store today and purposely resisted buying any chocolate. Naturally, I want some now!!!! Those muffins look moist and scrumptious, and they have chocolate chips!!!!

Oh, yeah, the hamburger looks pretty good, too! Can I come over for dinner?

janett said...

I make some burgers like yours all the time, we're huge feta fans!

Samantha said...

I really shouldn't look at your pictures when I'm hungry. Those burgers look incredible!!!

Margaret said...

Those muffins look absolutely sinful! Yum! Chocolate chip muffins are my favorite. That burger looks tasty, too. You always have the yummiest food shots!

Suzy said...

aww man I wish I could eat that muffin!! It seriously just made me hungry. Your baking captures are the best!