Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Montreal Chinatown

Went for a short walk in our Chinatown last Sunday.  Can't wait to go back when the sun is out!!

The entrance

A dragon at the entrance of Chinatown - looks like he is wearing lipstick!
Some shops

Some displays

Ginger anyone?


pat said...

Oh, I can just imagine how wonderful this would be in the sunshine! Yes, that lion DOES look like he is wearing lipstick--either that, or he just had a snack!

Esther said...

Oh man, you just made me hungry for some good chinese food. Maybe I can convince DH to order takeout tonight. :)

Nicki, said...

So much more of what I expected Chinatown in NYC to be like - sadly it wasn't. Talk about bad make-up - the Lion wins.

Vanessa said...

Oh how fun! I love china town, I need to go soon, they have the best bou tse EVER there!!!

KRISTIE said...

yeah, that dragon is wearing the wrong shade, or maybe the right shade, i guess it depends what he is trying to do :)

--sme said...

I love the angle of the first one....and holy cow is that a lot of ginger!

Diana said...

Oh i will be waiting for the sunshine pics!
these are awesome what a wonderful place to be able to visit. LOL lion with lipstick

Yolanda said...

Love the lion! I can smell & hear China Town in my mind. Great captures!