Sunday, January 24, 2010

Put Your Head on My Shoulder...

Put your head on my shoulder

Hold me in your arms, baby
Squeeze me oh so tight
Show me that you love me too

Put your lips next to mine, dear
Won't you kiss me once, baby
Just a kiss goodnight, may be
You and I will fall in love

People say that love's a game
A game you just can't win
If there's a way
I'll find it somebody
And then this fool with rush in

Put your head on my shoulder
Whisper in my ear, baby
Words I want to hear
Tell me, tell me that you love me too.

Do you know this song?? If so, who was the singer??!! ;)


Anonymous said...

Paul Anka :) Love the shots Celine

Nicki, said...

Nice shots - confused as to what the young man is holding (thinking it is a ball or an apple).

Nancy said...

Dang, I was hopping I would be the first to guess Paul Anka!! Any way, cute ALL of yours are!! I tell you, where you live there must be an endless amount of statues, buildings, etc. to shoot!! Keep them coming...I feel like I'm vacationing in Montreal without being really there!!

Becky said...

I thought we were going to get a shot of you and Ben. :-)

Nicole said...

Love the fishy shots. I love how the black n white shows all the details.

pat said...

Perfect song for the statue! The second shot is a great POV--really shows the "Whisper in my ear" part. I'd love to walk around with you and see all this great art!!

Suzy said...

Great shot! I wish I could walk with you to. You have some awesome buildings and art in your town!

Meaghan said...

Great shots! I really like the B&W.

Gypsy Girl(Brenda) said...

Perfect song for a great shot. I just love the fisheye shots. You have such wonderful things and places to see.

Amy ~ Just Being Aimlyss said...

Love the little dusting of snow on the couple and that second shot, the color fisheye is just awesome! I'm so happy to see your photos again. :)

Bobbi said...

I don't know the original singer but I adore Michael Bubles version! Awesome song and shot.

Angela2932 said...

Paul Anka. . . Put Your Head on My Shoulders. Nice pairing of the song with sculpture!

Beth said...

Those statues convery young love so well:)

Wingnut said...

Love the B&W especially!