Sunday, December 27, 2009

Old Pointe-Claire

A couple of days before Christmas, we went for a short walk in the old village of Pointe-Claire. It was cold, so we didn't stay too long... but I managed to take a few shots.

The view from the church

The old church

and an old barbershop!

and just because ... here are some muffins I made for my family on christmas
Orange-Chocolate-Chip-Muffins-29577 - I have got to ask them if they were any good... didn't get to have one!! ;)


KRISTIE said...

I love the barber shop espeically the reflection in the window

Nicki, said...

Muffins look great ----but that first shot - OMG ! WOW! begs to be printed and framed/canvas. Did I mention I was rather impressed with your first shot? lol!

Angela2932 said...

Great barber shop photo! The first photo looks so cold! And yummmmm, they should have saved you some bites of those mouth-watering muffins!

Vanessa said...

The tree is my favorite!

Yolanda said...

I almost always leave your blog hungry ;) Great shots! I love the church-- and the tree is beautiful!

pat said...

Your tree shot is AWESOME! Love the starkness and the tone-on-tone colors--or monotones.....gorgeous shot. And, if you have to ask about the muffins because you didn't get one, I'd say that they were a big hit! They sound delicious!!