Thursday, June 18, 2009

More Fun at the Safari

I might regret posting this photo... it is not my best side - but this is the face of a girl that's been "slimed" by a buffalo!! ;) I think he liked me!!

Hi Mr. Zebra, nice meeting you - want a lift somewhere??
Guess you want to get to know us better?
Oh well hello to you too!! This one kinda scared me - she was all over the place - she kept looking at me

then she would check out what was happening over the car

then she would be back looking at me

and she finally left to go back to her friends!

and Sharon, you are not supposed to get out of the car - but some people do get out to get better photos!! There are some guards all over the place to make sure nothing bad happens. When I was a kid, there were monkeys in the safari - they stopped that because the monkeys would break lights, antennas, etc. of the cars!! ;)


Debra said...

i think i would be freaked out to get out of the car... and this makes me think of the commercial where the family is doing the safari and the elephant sits on the car!!! nice captures!!!

Sharon said...

Oh that EMU did me in! Not that I would want to be slimed by a buffalo but that is one freaky looking bird!

And those people who get out of their cars are nuts!

Nicki, said...

The ostrich close-up shot cracks me up.

Margaret said...

Such fun close-ups! That first one is too funny!

Amy said...

Wow, it's like you're on safari! Awesome shots!!! :)

Jess said...

Eek! You are brave to have your windows open like that! Haha!

Mandy said...! WOW that zebra looking like he was going to come right in and go for a ride with you.