Tuesday, November 4, 2008

No Loser Tuesday

Week one is over... Not very proud of my week - did some good things - some not so good things - and some great things!! :)

As of this morning... gained 1/2 pound!!! Not happy to type this - but have to be true to myself!! Did take my measurements last week - will wait until next week to take them again!!

- Drank 4-5 bottles of water (with Crystal Light) every day.
- Went to the gym 3 times
- Didn't eat any chips (I used to have some almost every day!!) except on Saturday.
- Ate veggies every day!
- My co-workers brought leftover candies from Halloween - didn't touch any!!
- Made some WW recipes
- Feel less bloated
- Have great support from my friends!!

- My plates are too full - have to cut my portions.
- My sweet neighbour brought over 6 chocolate cupcakes on Sunday... Ate one on Sunday and one Monday... Have to bring the rest to the office or I will eat them all!! ;)
- Ate dark chocolate Friday.. and Saturday. I know it's good for you - should have only once a week!! ;)

So my plan for this week:
- Continue drinking 4-5 bottles of water per day
- Go the gym 3-4 times
- Cut down my portions
- Try not to have any sweets (that's a tough one!!)

If anybody has any tips for me - go ahead!! Need all the help I can get!! :)

Have a great week!! :)


Anonymous said...

OK. We CAN do this! I had a rough week too. I kept telling me I wasn't going to touch the candy. Boy was I wrong! I learned my lesson. NO MORE CANDY IN THE HOUSE!

I have to tell you I gained at first too. It really made me frustrated but after week two I started losing. I say it is muscle!

We have a lot of the same goals this week...WE CAN DO IT!!!

amber said...

A good way to cut down on your portions is to eat on smaller plates.

The other day I saw a study on TV. People who sat close to the serving dishes and had large eating utensils and large plates ate twice as much as people who sat farther from the serving dishes and had small plates and small utensils.

The idea with the plates is that if someone has a big plate, they tend to load it up. If they have a small plate, they tend to load it up too, but there's less to load up. And they don't feel like they're depriving themselves.

Good luck!

-Just a random person who loves your photography and reads your posts every day - don't stop!

Jackie's Shot said...

Even though you didnt loose this week your measurements might be different. Sounds like your doing well. Keep it up. ~Jackie

Diana said...

I wish you the best luck with your weight loss. and before you know it you will be dropping lots of pounds

pat said...

Hang in there--you can do it. You are recognizing both the good steps and the mis-steps, which is important. Keep up the good ones, and avoid or work on those weak areas.

Cindi Koceich said...

One day at a time! You are doing great!!!

KRISTIE said...

well at least you only gained 1/2 pound :) Hopefully this weeke will be better, it is so frustrating istn't it. why can't we just decide to be thin and then be thin, I have started only eating on salad plates.

Mom2Drew said...

Still looking good and you have the cutest face ever, just gotta say...

Gypsy Girl said...

I am with you. So here is to a good rest of the week.

Bobbi said...

I think you are on the right path just for doing this! Did you weight yourself at the same time as you did last time cause weight flucuates during the day. I think you are off to a great start!

Angela2932 said...

Wait, you need to add into your first list of accomplishements: Am establishing some new habits and investment in myself. Cause you are! You go, girl!

Becky said...

Sounds more positive than negative despite the tiny gain (which might not be a gain at all--I bet you'll see a drop next week).

Amy said...

Good job! I need to get on board.

Sharon said...

If you need a sweet, eat some fruit! But eat some nuts first so you don't get that blood sugar spike.

I eat Ghiradelli Dark Chocolate squares. I have a square or 2 everyday which is still only half of a serving. Find smaller ways to get in those things you crave. Cutting things out completely is really hard.

You can do it!