Sunday, August 17, 2008

Wildwood by Day

Had fun taking a walk on the Boardwalk in Wildwoods - this is our visit during the day - pretty calm - it was 9 a.m. in the morning... was another story at night!! ;)

Lots and lots of stores and souvenirs!

This was in a diner on the boardwalk

Love her!

Isn't he cute??!!

the "calm" boardwalk!

The beach is very large - didn't go swimming there - but lots of people were sunbathing and swimming!

Fun retro sign!

Had never heard of a fried Oreo?? Have you??

Morey's Piers - lots of entertainment there!! Went back at night - wow!!

t-shirts, t-shirts and t-shirts!!


Amy said...

LOVE these, especially that first one. Would you believe a hot dog place here has that same exact hot dog man statue?!? I'll post a pic soon!

periwinkle eye images said...

Oh My! I hope you are going to use some of these for the 26 Things Fun! You've got "Display", "Color", and lots of other unique shots here! ML

Nicole said...

wow, what awesome images you have! All those colors and sights and you can here the sounds!

Suzy said...

Great captures, I love that first one so very much!

Angela2932 said...

These photos blow me away! Especially the first one! Where ever this is, I want to go there! (And can I borrow your fish eye for it too?)

Becky said...

These are really cool! I love that you can see people in the first one; it really gives me perspective.

Amy said...

Such colorful shots! You're doing great work with that fishy lens. The first shot is my favorite, though.