Saturday, December 22, 2007

First day of my blogging life!!

Decided to start a blog like so many people before me! I am hoping this blog will help me in the new year to take better pics, to lose weight and to get in better shape... Is that too much to ask from a blog???!!

I had lost 40 pounds with WW 3 years ago - kept it off for 2 years... and have been struggling the last year to keep going... I am hoping writing down my thoughts, doubts and pics (!!) will help!! :)

I love love love taking pics - the pic above is one I took today of KitKat - one of my crazy cats!!

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Anonymous said...

Hello! Have just stumbled upon your blog...keep the photos coming! I have been pondering doing the same sort of blog...
I use to live in MN, now i live in Australia, your winter photos are great, love to remember those days! Thanks.